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At Salon Spicy we provide the following services

  • Complete range of hair styling
  • Aesthetic services
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Lashes



 Court / ShortMoyen / MediumLong
Coupe (cut)26.0028.0030.00+
Mise en plis (set)26.0028.0030.00+
Coupe et placer (c/s)42.0046.0055.00+
Mèche au bonnet (cap)60.0080.0095.00+
Mèche papier complet (paper full)75.00
Mèche ½ tête ( half head)60.0080.0095.00+
Par papier (each)8.0010.0015.00+
Décolorant (bleach)40.0050.0075.00+
Démaquillant (eraser)35.0050.0060.00+
Permanente (perm)80.0095.00120.00+
Défrisant régulier (straightener)85.00100.00120.00+
Kératine (straightener)100.00200.00300.00+
Coiffure haute (up-do)45.00 +45.00+45.00+
Pré coloration (préco)35.00+
Coloration repousse (roots)40.00+40.00+40.00+
Coloration complète (full)50.00+50.00+50.00+
Balayage (ombre)80$, 110$, 125$+80$, 110$, 125$+80$, 110$, 125$+
Traitement régulier
Traitement + Massage (20 mins)25.0025.0025.00
Toupet (bangs)
Nuque (neck)10.0010.0010.00


Men / Children

Homme (12+)Enfant (6-11 ans)Petit enfant (0-5 ans)
Coupe (cut) 20.00Coupe (garçon/boy) 18.00Coupe (cut) 14.00
Raser (shave) 16.00Coupe (fille/girl) 18.00
Couleur (color)
Mèches (locks)
Flashpoint 25.00
Permanente 55.00
Nuque 10.00
Barbe 10.00


If you have ever experienced even a smidgen of frizz before, you have probably been told by a stylist to try a Keratin Treatment. The miracle way to get smoother, glossed and shinier hair, rivaled only by an actual piece of silk. You either have traditional Keratin Treatment community called Brazilian blowout, which really straightens your hair texture, or you have your smoothing treatments like Coldwell Kerasilk, KetaSpa or KetatinWorks which help you de-frizz hair and add shine. Keratin hair-straightening treatments are a popular option at the Salon Spicy. The process takes about 90 min. or longer, depending on your hair length. You can forget about frizzy hair after the treatment. If you usually style your hair straight, a Keratin smoothing system could shorten your blow-dry time by 80%.



Like a tree, your hair goes through different seasons. One day your hair is healthy and shiny and the next it is dry and screaming for help. A bad hair day is not just a phrase, it is a living proof that your hair is looking for you to save it. Hair Botox is the solution to all your hair woes. Years of brushing, coloring, styling, straightening and blow drying can take their toll on your locks. Sometimes, conditioning and hair masks are not enough to keep your hair healthy. Hair Botox is a new treatment that could turn back the clock and help you regain your healthy hair. It is called botox because just like botox smooths away wrinkles, scientists claim to have devised a formula, which apparently plugs holes and smooths away tears and damages in dried locks.

What is hair botox?

The treatment repairs the damaged or broken hair fibers with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients including caviar oil, B5, E vitamins, and collagen complex, which guarantee to moisturize, nourish, repair and revive hair right from the very first use, adding incredible shine and softness and eliminating frizz. The major benefit of the treatment is that it has the capability to repair split ends. It is particularly good for clients with very long hair, who suffer from split ends, or those whose hair has become frizzy or brittle due to heat damage from curling, straightening and blow drying or repeated color treatments.


Perming techniques have changed over the years, and thankfully for the better. The beauty does that it has to be a pain any more, thanks to modern science, you no longer have to sacrifice the stay stylish.
You technically can perm your hair at home but we would recommend to save you the effort and avoid dabbling with all those intimidating chemicals. A permanent wave is a service that creates permanent curl, waves or body.






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